Fire Attire is a retired LAFD Firefighter and Family owned

            Serving LAFD and Fire Departments world wide for 25 years

Firefighter Clothing, Gifts and Accessories & Custom Promotional products

Fire Attire has offered LAFD items and custom screen printing and embroidery for 25 years nationally and worldwide.  We donate to many Firefighter Charities and events, along with our local YMCA.

 Firefighter Accessories

Choose from our selection of popular firefighter accessories and make shopping a breeze. Your choices include One duty and Off duty LAFD apparel, patches, baby items, money clips, lapel clips, and jewelry. New LAFD-themed firefighter accessories are added regularly.


Custom Services

Visit our blank apparel catalog  We supply custom screen printing and embroidery for Corporations, Refineries, Large and Small Businesses, Schools, Team Sports, Music Bands, Family Reunions and Events.

Our Story 

Fire Attire began out of the need to supply Los Angeles Fire Dept. with their newly approved printed uniform shirts and embroidered uniform caps back in 1996.  A young Firefighter and his family started filling this need by providing uniform apparel with station to station service.This service started with just a few items and has evolved into the many assorted quality items offered today.  

Fire Attire is owned and opperated by an LAFD Retired Firefighter and Family. As a Retired Firefigthter owned company we bring a special type of insight to a Firefighters needs and wants regarding their on duty, off duty clothing and accessories.  Also, as a wife and children of a Firefighter we offer items for proud spouses, children and family members just like we would be proud to wear.

Fire Attire has been there from the beginning serving and supplying LAFD, Dalmatians Fire House and LAFD Musuem with Firefighter apparel and accessories.

We are one of you. 

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